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Apple Event 9/09/09: Apple iPad Computer Launch?

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Today, 9/09/09, Apple Computer launched the Apple iPad Computer, or at least it did in a number of predictions floating around the internet.   Rumor has it that on 9/9/09 at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST) Apple will unveil the much anticipated Apple iPad at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.   That being said, we couldn’t resist offering our own dissemination on the Apple iPad specs.
1. Steve Jobs 2.0   Steve is BACK, new and improved!!!   After a liver transplant and beating back cancer, Jobs will take the stage looking fit and healthy, and introduce new products as well with a 3D holographic of The Beatles playing “Yellow Submarine” in the background.   The new iPlayer will not only offer 3-D projection, but will also be compatible with the new Apple line as 3-D virtual reality sunglasses.   In addition, he will show off a few well thought out dance moves thought up while in recovery.   Apple’s stock price will rise 5.5% as a result in trading between 3 and 5 pm.

2. The Apple iPad will be unveiled.   Instead of introducing a 10″ model as most everyone has predicted thus far, Apple will surprise everyone with a mini tablet model with a 6.5″ widescreen capable of outputting 3-D movies.   Live streaming movies are a definite possibility with the addition of HD output and 3.5 G GSM radios.   Other innovations will include gaming capabilities and optional Bluetooth game controllers.   In addition, the Apple iPad will come standard with a still and video camera with user friendly software used to upload video to popular services.   Going another step further, Apple will offer iMedia, an extension of iTunes, which will be comparable to YouTube.   The 10″ iPad will be introduced in March 2010, and will be nicknamed the Maxi.
3. The Full Beatles Catalog will be available, and to kick off the celebrations, Yoko Ono Lennon and son Sean as well as Paul McCartney will broadcast a mini concert live to the Apple fans! Steve Jobs will once again amaze the Apple stockholders with his dance moves and ability to lip-synch.
4. 3D Movies. Steve Jobs leapfrogs the competition by offering 3D Movies, as well as a 3D display mode.
5. The New iTouch will offer a 2x zoom 3 Megapixel camera with face detection, a non-contact power system, and the dock as well as the new iTouch models will be upgraded to USB 3.0.   The iTouch will come with stereo microphones, and Jobs will demonstrate both the new stereo bluetooth headset, as well as the Bluetooth stereo and surround sound speakers and enhanced dock with HDMI output.
6. HD 720p becomes the standard.   The iTunes store will drop standard definition video content and replace it with HD 720p video and movies with 5.1 Dolby surround sound.   New movies and TV shows will be upgraded due to the fact that the sales of the HD 720p shows at $2.99 were extremely weak in comparison to the $1.99 SD version but download costs were the samel, within about two cents.   Expect premium video resolution to become the iPad standard as each generation of iTunes has seen the quality and resolution of video content almost double.   Do not look for Apple to introduce full HD 1920p just yet as the download times would be extremely slow for most surfers.
7. Apple TV 3.0 is introduced.   In addition to being bigger, stronger and faster Apple TV is now a gaming console.   It will wow the masses with USB 3.0, external hard drive support and easy to use DVR function supported by the included tuner.   CPU speed will double, Bluetooth game pads will be included along with an assortment of demos and one full gamel.   The icing on the cake is the fact that with an external look alike multimedia and amplifier module, it will play Blue-Ray, DVD’s and CD’s.   Simply add external speakers and a screen and you have your home theatre system.
8. The Micro Air MacBook will be introduced.   Rumor in our back room has it that instead of producing a Apple iTablet or iPad, the mythical 10″ LCD screens are actually destined for a Micro Air Laptop.   It will be as if Steve Jobs simply took the 3.0 Lb 13.3″ Screen MacBook Air, and put it in the dryer to shrink it down to a 10″ display screen and weight of 1.5 lbs. Oh, and added wireless USB.   Smaller, Smaller… that’s it.
9. Apple Gaming Division is announced.   To help kick off the celebration, Apple announces that a special Beatles Edition of Rock Band will be made available for both the iTouch, iPad, and Apple TV 3.0 immediately.   In addition to a free copy of the Beatles Rock Band edition, the first 100,000 customers get free wireless Bluetooth game controllers and free Bluetooth stereo headsets.   Steve really is a huge music fan, and this is his master coup.
10. Will the Apple iPad Computer Tablet launch today?   We think not.   Rather we predict the 10″ Micro Air and the 6″ Maxi Ipad / iTouch Max.   But if it does launch today, the Apple iPad Computer will be a breakthrough multimedia device, combining the best of the Apple TV, the iTouch, and a Netbook.   It would look like a Max sized iTouch, or a shrunken down MacBook Air.   Specs will include stereo Bluetooth, Gaming, Remote Control of iTunes and Media.   It may be nicknamed the Media Slate, and will come with software to match.   The real reason why the true iPad will not be announced is that both ATT and Verizon have told Jobs that their networks can not yet handle the volume of traffic expected from the media Pad he has developed, which will have either a 3.5G or 4G radio inside.   Jobs is ready to push technology to the next level but has to wait for everyone else to catch up so that live streaming HD video will play directly through the cell companies’ networks.
11. iTunes Store offers iMedia and iTunes Virtual Community.   Having seen album sales slide quarter after quarter, Steve Jobs and music industry bosses have formulated a plan to bring back the album.   A new format will be introduced that emulates and improves upon a vinyl album, including 3d album liner, lyrics, photo gallery, audio notes, and more.   iTunes Virtual?   Expect hyper links galore at minimum and even possibly a Wikipedia/Myspace social networking mashup.   Apple wants to make iTunes a community and social destination where you can discuss your favorite music, movies, concerts and tv shows.   We think that only Apple can pull this off by building a easy to navigate yet full featured interactive music community.   Will it be virtual? Will it be 3-D?   At this point, only Apple knows the answers to all we speculate…
We will all know the truth only after the curtain rises, and the magic show is over, until next time, that it. Hopefully, Steve will not do “The Robot” dance as planned. Now, did we mention the Apple Robot being introduced? Hmmm.   Either way, today will leave us with new products to use and analyze, and we will have a greater understanding of what the future holds for Apple and it’s rapidly expanding Media empire.


Apple Event 9/09/09: Apple iPad Computer Launch? - Ipads
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