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Educational Apps for Your iPad

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

There are so many great ways to enjoy your iPad that it comes as no surprise that there will be educational apps as well. Many parents are discovering the iPad with educational apps makes a great learning tool for children of all ages, including preschool. Kids love the technology and it encourages them to want to use it and to want to learn. It’s also a lot of fun and if you already have an iPad, it’s super simple to download some apps for free or very low cost that will add to the experience.

There are educational apps for different age ranges, different subjects and different types of learning. Everything from reading a book, to studying for tests or learning math can be found on a convenient app these days. If you’re looking for apps for yourself to help you study, learn a new language or catch up in your classes, then you can find these.

Or maybe you are a parent or educator looking for apps for your kids. The most educational apps are found for the Kindergarten to high school range so you are in luck. There are so many different ones available, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs for your children.

There are educational apps that are games so they are designed to make learning fun but also, in a way, to disguise the fact that you are even learning. My kids cannot get enough of these and they beg me to let them play again and again. Then there are memory apps and statistic apps that help you learn and memorize facts and other information. Many kids find using the iPad to be more interactive than reading these from a book or a piece of paper. It helps them stick it to memory, making the learning process faster.

When shopping for apps, take some time to read reviews from others who have purchased them or talk with other parents of children of the same age who have bought apps. This will help you find out what to pick and what to skip.

Here is some information on educational apps for your iPad. First, it helps to know what age range you are shopping for. This will help you categorize your searches and find age-appropriate apps.

Here are some math-related examples. These can be found on iTunes and are very affordable and useful:

Motion Math: $0.99

Mathemagics: $0.99

Kids Math Fun: $1.99

You can look for book apps as a great way to encourage your children to read or spend time together. download the books (many for free) and read some of your favorites together. One of our personal favorites is The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

Another fun app to look for that is a hit with kids is Silly app. This one features bright art, fun characters, animations, narration, music and more. It will stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity. It’s a lot of fun.

There are also LSAT apps which give you nearly every question you could be asked on the LSAT and helps you study and many more. Take some time to dig around and see what educational apps might be right for you or your kids.


Educational Apps for Your iPad - Ipads
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